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Organic products have become one of the fastest growing segments in the food industry.


Cut Fruit Express offers a variety of retail and foodservice Organic Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables, to the Wellness Community.  Diversity at its best!  We understand  that wellness counts. That’s why CFE is the leading provider in the Midwest offering a line of Organic Certified Pre-Cut in a variety of blends, sizes, and packaging options. Our all natural, convenient, and ready-to-eat products are distributed to a variety of retail and foodservice outlets. Through regimented food safety and quality programs, CFE provides the freshest and healthiest premium products in the food industry.




CFE is Certified Kosher.


Kosher refers to a set of intricate biblical laws that detail the types of food that a Jewish person may eat and the ways in which it may be prepared.

CFE complies with a strict policy of kosher food laws, including cleanliness, purity and quality.

To be certified Kosher, all ingredients in every product—and the process of preparing the product—must be certified for kosher-compliance too.

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