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The company started in a 3000 square foot building in North Minneapolis.  Within a year, the company outgrew that space and moved to a 15000 square foot building in North East Minneapolis.  The company moved to its current location, a 46000 square foot building in Inver Grove Heights in 2005.  This move has allowed the company to better serve its customers, and provide a better working environment for the employees.



Our company goal is to consistently provide our customers with fresh, safe, and quality products, meeting your approved standards and specifications. Some of our most common products are diced, sliced, julienned, peeled and shredded value added produce. We also carry a specialty line of products consisting of a variety colourful, tasteful blends of vegetables and fruit mixes. Fresh, Table Ready and 100% usable. We specialize in quick turnaround time, from production to your dock doors keeping the freshness of shelf life maintained for your customers needs. We welcome last minute add-on orders, because we know the demand of your customers.


Cut Fruit Express, Inc., a Minnesota corporation, was started in 1997 to provide just in time high quality fresh cut fruits and vegetables to local foodservice and retail distributors.  Initially, the company focused on fresh cut fruits, but now provides a full line of both precut fruits and vegetables.



We value our dedicated employees on whom we depend to provide excellent service and products to our customers. In addition to a higher wage and the standard benefits, we have a number of unusual programs to assist our employees in achieving a better quality of life:


Employee Gardens..  The company provides 2.5 acres of land that employees use to grow crops during the growing season.  The land is tilled for the gardeners and irrigation water is provided.


House buying assistance program.  This program provides funds to assist employees in the purchase of a house.


Giving Back to the Community.  Each summer, Cut fruit Express pays tuition, room and board expense for aspiring inner city musicians ages 12-18 years old to attend Jazz and Band camps at the Indian Head Arts and Education Center, Shell Lake, WI.


Educational program.  This program provides tuition assistance to the children of employees enrolled in community or four year colleges, providing they maintain a specified GPA and are making satisfactory progress toward graduation. 


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