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Foodservice & Schools

School Days just got Healthier…Better Health = Better Behavior


At CFE, we want kids to be healthy! We offer a variety of products that meet school requirements.


Talk about convenience, Cut Fruit Express offers a wide variety of fresh cut produce, cut fresh daily to ensure the best possible freshness you can get, while offering students choices of fresh produce year round.


Conveniently packed for Healthy School Choice ideas

2 oz fresh veggies and fruits, easy open bags, with just that right budget

2 oz containers for those school lunch trays for easy to handle

5 oz yogurt parfait cups with granola

And more...


Foodservice items in a large variety of leaf lettuce blends, Fresh Vegetable Blends, Veggie Sticks in a wide variety of produce, Fresh and Sweet pre-cut Fruit and Fruit Medley’s year around. And extensive list of Fresh, Ready to Use Salad Bar items.


Always 100% USABLE! Always Safe!

No Prepping Needed, Just Open The Freshness and Serve...

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