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We deliver the highest quality cut fruits because we start with the best and pay attention to quality throughout the process from selection to packaging and delivery.

Order one of our popular standard mixes or let us make specialty mixes to order, based on your specifications. We use only the freshest ingredients and quality enhancing processing techniques. 

Fresh vegetables are examined on arrival to be sure they meet our high standards for color, appearance, and texture. Only those that pass this quality inspection go on to the processing plant, where they are washed, trimmed, cut to size, and packaged.

Convenience, Quality, and Consistency


Cut Fruit Express — Your source for premium processed fruit and vegetable products, packaged for Foodservice or Retail use.


Combine our expertise in selecting the best raw material, extensive knowledge of the latest in science and industry practices, Cut Fruit Express brings you quality products:


  • Fresh! Our fresh fruits and vegetables look fresh and taste fresh because they are fresh

  • 100% Usable! The product arrives at your facility pre-trimmed, rinsed, cut to order, and 100% usable

  • Stay Fresh! Though proper handling and packaging, our products maintain their freshness and quality until ready for use

  • Insure food safety! All products are processed in our state-of-the-art facility under strict HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) food safety procedures

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